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Credit Bureau Research


Credit Bureaus has done years of research into what consumers want from credit reports and how to get the best out of your credit status and then put it all in one place for you.

We also take the work out of you having to go to 4 credit bureaus and then comparing your credit history across TransUnion, VCCB, Experian and XDS. Get a Free 1 Bureau Credit Report now from us and save time and money.


With a good credit report you get access to better interest rates, better credit limits and better credit terms which can save you thousands. We will get you credit fit so that you can get the credit you deserve. With a poor credit history getting access to the credit you need when you need it may be very difficult. Use our Credit Coach and Status Improvement Goals which will help you plan your credit journey to credit greatness.


One of our missions at Credit Bureaus South Africa is to make sure that all South Africans have the chance to build their credit status so that they may start to understand the importance of Credit Health. We give you access to 1 Free Credit Bureau report per year and for a small fee and money back guarantee, will compare the leading 4 credit bureaus in South Africa, giving you a 360 degree view of your credit standing. We have integrated with TransUnion (Formerly ITC), VCCB, Experian and XDS to give you instant access to all your credit bureau information in a single easy to read comparative credit report.

We even help you identify which credit bureau information you should be seeing based on your accounts and loans. As each credit provider may use a different credit bureau, and the data may be different, you need to see what the market sees.


How do you prevent Credit and Identity Theft? The answer is simple: Monitor your Credit Report and Credit Scores on a monthly basis. Act now and get your Credit Report directly from our website. You can then have the opportunity to check your South African Credit Bureau Report on a monthly basis and learn how to build your credit reputation.


If you think that something has been misreported by a Credit Bureau on your report; this is most likely affecting your Credit Score. There are steps that you can take to dispute and inform the agencies such as TransUnion, XDS, VCCB or Experian and take inaccurate information off of your South Africa Credit Bureau Report. Inaccurate information can be the difference between getting a loan for that new home or car or being declined. If you have any questions or need consultation along the way please feel free to contact us. We have specialists standing by to help evaluate your situation.