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Credit Health and Improvement


Credit Bureaus give you a view of your Credit Health and financial wellness and are a great tool for the prevention of fraud and Identity Theft. Without at least a Credit Report to start your journey to a better credit health, you are wandering the financial world blindly.

With a report from the 4 leading Credit Bureaus we will show you your credit status and guide you on how to change bad credit habits and reinforce good habits. Act now to protect yourself!


With a good credit report you get access to better interest rates, better credit limits and better credit terms which can save you thousands. We will get you credit fit so that you can get the credit you deserve. With a poor credit history getting access to the credit you need when you need it may be very difficult. Use our Credit Coach or Status Goals and we will help you plan your credit journey to credit greatness.


One of our missions at Credit Bureaus South Africa is to make sure that all South Africans have the chance to build their credit status so that they may start to understand the importance of Credit Health. Good Credit Health assists you in getting access to home loans, vehicle finance, better job opportunities and much more. Employers will look at your Credit History when considering a job application. A Credit Report will also show any judgments or defaults. It is important that you know about what is on your record before you attempt to get a loan or anything else for that matter.


How do you prevent Credit and Identity Theft? The answer is simple: Monitor your Credit Report and Credit Scores on a monthly basis. See who has been accessing your report, if new accounts have been opened in your name. Stop the fraud by being proactive. Act now and get your Free Credit Report directly from our website. You will then have the opportunity to check your South African Credit Bureau Report on a monthly basis and learn how to build your credit reputation.


If you think that something has been misreported by a Credit Bureau on your report; this is most likely affecting your Credit Score. There are steps that you can take to dispute and inform the credit bureaus such as TransUnion, VCCB, XDS or Experian. With a successful dispute, you can have inaccurate information removed from your Credit Report and improve your credit score instantly. If you have any questions or need consultation along the way please feel free to contact us. We have specialists standing by to help evaluate your situation.